About Jihun

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Choi Ji Hun

e-mail : cjh5414@gmail.com

github : https://github.com/cjh5414

blog : https://cjh5414.github.io


To work at the position of software engineer and contribute to the organization by using my skills in programming and development. To acquire expertise in handling projects successfully under minimum supervision.


  • Develop hand recognition and tracking using computer vision
  • Develop embedded audio streaming server with java, raspberry pi and client with android
  • Develop item battle tetris game by two users using C language
  • Test-driven development with python Django
  • Chatting and game Socket Programming using java
  • C, C++, Java, Algorithm and computer architecture theory tutoring to younger friend from school
  • Take a Software Maestro 7th course

Technical Skills

  • Programming Language like Java, Python, C and C++
  • Version control system - GIT
  • Continuous integration tool like Travis-CI, CircleCI
  • Socket programming with TCP/IP, UDP
  • Database - MySQL, sqlite
  • Testing tool like pytest, unittest(Python)
  • Django, DRF


Hansung University
Bachelor’s degree Computer Systems Engineering
4.23/4.5 GPA

Awards Career

  • 2016.12.08 :: Embedded Software Contest 2nd Prize - SoundCatcher
  • 2016.06.03 :: Hansung University Capstone design 1st prize – SoundCatcher
  • 2015.09.23 :: Hansung University Engineering contest 2nd prize – FingerKeyboard
  • 2016.09.23 :: Hansung University Engineering contest 4nd prize – SoundCatcher